• 'Nora & Torvald'

    By rootoftwo (John Marshall and Cezanne Charles)

    Birch plywood, Arduino micro-controllers, sensors, speakers, audio.

    'Nora & Torvald' embeds sensor-controlled digital media in custom-designed pieces of furniture. The starting point of this work is a re-reading of Henrik Ibsen's play "A Doll's House" (1879) to explore user-object relationships.
  • 'Nora & Torvald' in Slusser Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI.
  • There is an accelerometer in the rocking stool 'Nora'. When she is rocked this triggers a randomly selected line of her dialogue to be played as audio.
  • 'Nora'
  • There is a photocell embedded in the seat of the armchair 'Torvald'. This sends a message when it registers darkness (i.e. when someone sits down). This triggers a randomly selected line of dialogue from the play to be played as audio.
  • 'Torvald'
  • Sample dialogue (when 2 people are sitting):

    T: This time I needn't sit here and be dull all alone. You have just come at a fortunate moment.

    N: It's wonderful! Wonderful things don't happen every day. Take this armchair; I will sit here in the rocking-chair.

    T: Has anyone been here?

    N: What a thoughtless creature I am, chattering away like this.

    T: You can depend on me.

    N: It will make me so happy to be of some use to you.

    T: Don't disturb me. Look straight at me.

    N: I am in a silly mood today. Come and sit down here, and I will show you something.

    T: How unreasonable and how ungrateful you are. What sort of madness is this! Can you not understand your place in your own home?

    N: What do you want of me? Have you been sitting here waiting for me?

    T: I may as well tell you plainly, we were once on very intimate terms with one another.

    N: You don't understand me, and I have never understood you either.

    T: Explain yourself better. I don't understand you. Can I never be anything more than a stranger to you?

    N: You must simply listen to what I say. I have existed merely to perform tricks for you.

    T: You are right, it has affected us both. Something ugly has come between us. Where are you going?

    N: Isn't there one thing that strikes you as strange in our sitting here like this.

    T: Here you shall stay and give me an explanation.

    N: Does it not occur to you that this is the first time we two… have had a serious conversation?

    T: On the contrary, I feel extraordinarily lively. And you? You really look both tired and sleepy.
  • Layout of parts for 'Nora' and 'Torvald' in Rhinoceros
  • Setting up to cut 'Nora' and 'Torvald' on a CNC router
  • Cutting 'Nora and 'Torvald'
  • Dry fitting 'Nora' and 'Torvald' in the studio
  • 'Nora' and 'Torvald' both use the Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit.

    Design, fabrication and coding by rootoftwo.