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Tools Used


Various non-commissioned illustration and design work
Lytesykle concept illustration. Online design contest, grand prize winning sketch.
Vertigo rod concept. Build it! Ink on paper, Photoshop.
Blower straight-6 coupe concept. Build it! Ink on paper, Photoshop.
Model T rod concept. Ink on paper, Photoshop.
Ink on paper, Photoshop
Ink on paper, Photoshop
Mechanical pencil on paper.
Jury duty pool room sketch page. Pencil and ink on paper.
Honda Civic 40 Years, Nine Generations Mural Design
Space Race concepts demo for CDA Vehicle Design Class.
Syklopeus Boulder Hauler concept for personal portfolio based on line drawing demo for class.
Dragonaut 22nd Century kustom rod concept.