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  • 'Non-Places' represents an exploration through London's urban spaces in regard to its branded environment.
    The resulting output of this research embodies a photographic book as well as a series of postcards.
    This documentation aims to challenge London's inhabitants and objects to rethink the cities symbolic language.

    The typographic style of cutting the letters on the spine shall imply that meaning has been twisted and cut
    into different ways. 
    The collection of book covers rebuilds the word ‘Non-Places’ when put together. This shall remind the act of merging dissimilar places together to create a Non-Place. Additionally to the book designs
    a series of postcards work as give aways for people to take back to the enquired places. They reveal the components of the invented Non-places, things like Barbicon Hotel, the name being a combination of Barbican and Hilton Hotel. This impedes games of guessing what the actual places are and ultimately makes the
    reader engage in a playful matter with these serious issues.