Nomadic Library: A Public Adventure

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  • Nomadic Library: A Public Adventure
    This is the first iteration in the process of developing a solution for people to easily search and discover quality content. This was a group process involving user-centered research on the public library system. Through qualitative research we identify that many people do not use their local public library because they feel they have access to information through their online devices. We discovered that the public library system is in direct competition with online continent and mobile devices. We also identified that many people  desire to learn more about the thing in their surrounding environment.
    To solve this challenge for the public library system, our teem decided that the public library could be a curator of quality online content and recognized for exceptional taste. To achieve this, we designed an app for mobile devices that can identify object in the user's environment through photo recognition and GPS. The app can search the library's database for books and other resources so the user can learn more about the subject matter.