• Client: Self-Initiated
    Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing
    Date: February 2010
    Format: Short Film 1024*576 Widescreen Pal
    Sound: ECHOLAB Gavin Little

    Nokta (Dot) is an abstract film project which is an improvisation oforganic pieces while considering themes like power, chance and luck.
    I also wanted a perspective that can be subjectified by

    'I see some correspondence between the foundation of universal harmonyon elliptical orbit and the predilection for the elliptic forms inBaroque architecture. In both cases harmony is still defined as unitywithin multiplicity, but it ceased to be static, namely, harmonyexpressed in one ideal geometrical form, and became so to speakdynamic. What was previously regarded as the deviation from the idealform, was comprehended for the first time as an integral part of theform, or form of forms, which are capable of endless transitions oneinto another. ' [Amos Funkenstein, The Dialectical Preparation ofScientific Revolutions. On the Role of Hypothetical Reasoning in theEmergence of Copernican Astronomy and Galilean Mechanics.]

    Below, you can seeĀ  the making of
    Tools Used: 3ds Max, Realflow, After Effects, Mudboxf.