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Nobre / Logo Redesign
Class: Design and Identity / Tutors: Álvaro Sousa + Francisco Providência
Masters in Design / Aveiro University (2013) 
At the course of Design and Identity we were asked to choose a Portuguese brand, analyze and study its history, pinpoint the flaws on the current logo and, based on a strategy, redesign it. I went with "Nobre", a brand of processed meats famous among Portuguese people for its sausages and hams. My goal was to turn an outdated and impersonal logo into to something more contemporary and friendly but that would still be clean and serious enough to be used in some of the subbrands of Nobre that are more oriented to the gourmet sector, and that have even received gastronomic awards. The canned sausage, Nobre’s most popular product among kids - and the one that introduced me and a lot of people to the brand -, was the base for my argument. Here is the result.
Current logo and its application in some of the brand's products.
Design Process.
New logo and its variations according to the already existing subbrands of Nobre products.
Institutional typography.
Logo application over coloured backgrounds (solid colours and images).
Company stationery.
Series of posters for a possible ad campaign.
Various applications.
Before and after.
Final dossier delivered to the professors, showcasing the whole process.