• Nobel Peace Center
    Interactive Installations in Oslo, Norway
  • Small Design Firm developed a series of four permanent interactive installations for the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. The Center, design by Adjaye/Associates, is noteworthy in that it contains only one physical artifact: a single Nobel Peace Prize medal. All of the history of the Prize is presented to visitors on digital screens. The focus is on the power of the words and ideas of the laureates.The focal point of the Center is the Nobel Field, a hall that contains a hundred digital busts of the laureates and a thousand floating points of light, all of which respond to the presence of visitors. The entire field comes to life with sound and image to present the stories of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Using custom sensors, an array or LED stalks, 12-channel audio, and custom software, we are able to create an experience that honors the past and inspires future good.