Nobel Cigarettes.
    Tobacco box collection
  •   Series of drawings and posters I've been doing for almost 10 years for a famous brand of Spanish tobacco.The main idea is the world of contradictions and all the drawings, phrases and situations revolve around them.
  •  Art Direction, Creativity and illustrations by Iván SolbesOriginal idea and phrases by Contrapunto BBDO Madrid
  •  I just need to leave, to want to return
  •  Sometimes the smallest is the greatest
  •   The end can be the begining
     Sometimes the most intelligent is to make a fool.
  •  Running takes me nowhere
     Being serious makes me laugh
  • The more I sleep, the sleeper I am...
  • Some seconds seem eternal...
    Although I am old, I am still a child
  • To speak no words are needed
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