No To Mining In Palawan

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    An Ad Campaign for No To Mining In Palawan
  • For the ignorant, mining seems like a way for a community to progress but in the Philippines, with its rich natural resources, mining will lead to destruction of the environment and thus poverty for the people. We came up with these ads visually showing how mining hurts our endemic animals. Stop mining in Palawan!
    Client: ABS-CBN Foundation
    Agency: DM9 JaymeSyfu
    Credits: Merlee Jayme (Chief Creative Officer) Eugene Demata (Executive Creative Director) Jerry Hizon (Creative Director/Copywriter) Dee Taar (Art Director/FA Artist) Allan Montayre (Associate Creative Director/FA Artist) Josh Galvez, Blane Rosales, Pinoy Reyes (Illustrators) Diday Alcudia, Gabbie Santiago (Accounts) Jess Ramo (Print Producer)
  • Pilandok or Mousedeer (Tragulus nigricans)
  • Pangolin (Manis culionensis)
  • Dugong (Dugong dugon)