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Poster submission for No Nukes Poster Campaign :
The Nuclear Illusion
Many believe in the importance of nuclear power to supply energy to our economies, yet much hardship and hazardous emissions have been coming forth as result. Even now, months after the disaster at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the safety of thousands of people are in danger. Within a 30km radius there is detected pollution. Radioactive substances were found in tap water in Tokyo, over 200km away. Low level radiation has been also detected in seawater. Surrounding nations grow fearful for their safety as these hazardous materials spread. Important foods such as milk, fish, tea leaves, spinach and beef have detected radioactive material within 200 miles of the nuclear power plant.
Over 1/3 of Japan's energy comes from nuclear power plants, and what might seem as a safe solution to energy is truly not safe, especially when there is a constant threat of natural disaster. This might be only the beginning of what might become a larger spread of nuclear radiation. Let us not be decieved into the illusion that there is only one way to supply energy. Become a part of the protest to STOP nuclear power.