"No Matter What" Rocky IV Poster

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  • "Yo Adrian" Rocky 4 poster / $40.00
    Final Rendering. "No Matter What"- 18" x 24" Giclee Cold press print. Limited run of 10. http://www.bottleneckgallery.com
  • First round of Roughs and sketching layouts and figuring out elements
  • Better Idea where I'm going to go with the piece at this point, but still not sure on surrounding elements. "Get me to a computer!!"
  • Almost there now all the while thinking "Does Drago really need to be in there? When you see the two of them they'll know exactly what movie I'm talking about right?"
  • Was thinking of keeping it Black & white piece and just have the IV stand out with colour but it still wasn't there for me and yet again, had my second thoughts on even having any relation to the fight. The fight was why she was there. No need to depict it. We all know what goes on in the fight. So out they went - just the two love birds.
  • Added some slick Art deco'esque flare to it (fav. Art movement) and bing bang. I'm done! Hope you all enjoyed it! Once again, it'll be availbable at http://www.bottleneckgallery.com under the show entitled "Get a Room".
  • This Soundtrack was on repeat a couple times haha

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