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Academic Project Communication Design ESAD "2012, June Prof. Margarida Azevedo
"to the limit'e and Beyond"
"Acções efémeras no espaço urbano"

In this project we were asked to develop the graphic identity of a publication that gives focus to contemporary creation in all its forms: design, visual arts, performing arts (performance, theater, circus, or other) and celebrated in all its aspects color, motion, typography, illustration ...we also had to create all the graphic element's to the presentation of the publication to the public.

"In the limit was what was expected for the identity of a publication that already suggested by its name, an identity adaptable, and on the edge of perception the header placed in the "margin", and, in the limit the cover has no text, does not reveal the interior except for the images that have to be related to an article, in the limit does not exist a linear organization but an organization that despite seeming confused, still there is a logical construction. No limit value the risk, values the consistency and understanding of what actually wants to convey the publication, however the limit is not one thing nor the other, is at the limit and it is neither this nor that is everything and nothing ... The aim is an irreverent attitude contradictory rhythmic and seeks above all to arouse curiosity and stimulate the desire to know, to find "beyond the limit." (to the limit'e and Beyond)"

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