Nixie Concrete Clock

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  • The vintage Z560M Nixie tubes - used in former East-Germany in the mid 20th century as first numeric displays - were the inspiration for the design of Daniel Kurth's ( Nixie Concrete clock. 

    By rearranging the display, one can enjoy the playful interaction between the 6 different tubes without realising straight away what time it is. A short focus will however allow you to use it as a 'normal' clock. The time in the picture above reads 10:23:54.
    All electronic components in this fully functioning prototype are assembled by hand. 
    Kurth enclosed the shiny orange tubes in a reinforced rough concrete body which can optionally be wall mounted.
    This interesting combination of components results in an exciting mix of materials 
    where one is easily fooled as to what is old and what is new.
    The nixie concrete clock is a unique prototype.