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These are a few different 'spec' concept ideas I had created while working for Draft FCB.
Nivea For Men.Below are some 'spec' ideas I had created when working at Draft FCB. The idea behind this was called Face Life Fresh. The splash website below was to carry out the pitch themed idea of enjoying life to the fullest while staying fresh.

The main idea behind this campaign was:
In this dog-eat-dog world, what better way to face life than with a renewed and upbeat approach? Men understand that looking their best is crucial to conquering life's everyday challenges and that Nivea For Men can help them achieve success. Face Life Fresh is something more... it urges men to take on the world, live freely, and to do it all while looking and feeling good.
Face Life Fresh Splash Page.
Free Sample Pack. Cover of sample pack was a clear page of vellum that would have the question "Does your face feel like this?" printed on it. Clear vellum over sandpaper creates a neutral skin like color. Then upon turning the front cover page of vellum, a page of sandpaper is revealed that then has "or this?" printed across it. This questions the recipient about how their skin feels while trying to make the correlation of rough skin to sandpaper.
Two Part Banner Ad. The man kayaking starts going through the river on the top banner and then jumps to the second side banner leading the website viewer to the product and tag line.
Nivea For Men.Below are some 'spec' ideas I had created when working at Draft FCB. The idea behind this was called Man Spa. The splash website below was to carry out the pitch themed idea of the things that would go along with the 'Manspa' campaign. 

Features within splash site:
Live streaming video:
-The purpose of the live streaming video is to showcase the 'Manspa Awareness Day' which was taking place in different major cities. The awareness day is an event where free samples are given out in largely populated areas while keeping with the theme of 'Manspa'. The free samples would be given out in mock bathroom stations where the potential product user could see for themselves how quick and easy it is to 'manspa'. 

Live Twitter news feed:
-On various social media outlets Nivea would be holding a contest for the submission of the best 'Manspa' rule. By a person simply tagging the word #Manspa on twitter along with their Manspa rule, they would be instantly entered into the contest. Their entry would also be instantly tagged into the live Twitter news feed within the splash page where site goers could view others Manspa rule submissions. The end result of the contest would be a free trip for the winner and his closest friends to a Manspa vegas vacation.

Iphone application download:
-Site goers will have the opportunity to download the free iPhone app which contains a true and false Manspa game along with a way for users to instantly submit Manspa rules via mobile phone for their chance to win.

Manspa door hanger:
-Along with the door hangers being inserted within the middle of magazines. Manspa site visitors will have the opportunity to customize their own door hanger with the capability of printing it out to use in their own home.
Manspa Splash Page.
Manspa iPhone App.
GQ Website Advertisement.
Example Door Hanger. Can be inserted in the middle of magazines or customized by website goer who can then download and print it out at home.
Nivea For Women.
These are some 'spec' product/package designs I had created for Nivea For Women body wash while I worked at Draft FCB. The client was looking to not only sell the current large containers of their fragranced body wash, but they also wanted a smaller three pack which would contain bottles of the three current fragrances offered. This was to allow the customer to have variety with their daily routine. Bright and cheerful colors were used to accentuate the scents of each fragrance. The bottles were designed with an arched top to better fit the product users hand. This different type of bottle shape also allowed for an interesting layout when the three bottles are packaged together. When the three bottles are packaged together, the outer shell of would be made of a plastic frosted vellum. This way the bright and cheerful colors of the bottles would shine through the exterior packaging. The individual bottles are sealed with a silver foil sticker to give the bottle tops an elegant flare. The bottles would either be made out of glass or a glass like plastic.
Bottle Concept Design.
Bottle Concept Design W/ 3 Pack Wrap Around.