• Nival Network
    Corporate website design for Nival Network.
  • Nival is a global games developer and publisher of social strategy games with extensive experience in strategy game development and massively multiplayer online game publishing.

    The goal was to showcase company's main achievements as well as to include Nival's background and completed projects. As we wanted to make new way of showcase experience, we've decided to add some dynamic while user exploring through website we've used JavaScript and AJAX technologies.

    To get a complete understanding of the idea, please don't miss the video below:
  • Client:
    Nival Network™

    Project Manager:
    Alexandr Sidorov

    Art Direction:
    Dmitry Sholkov

    Interaction Design:
    Dmitry Sholkov

    Visual Design:
    Dmitry Sholkov

    Vladymir Lifanov
  • Using Grid in Design
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