• Nissan SSS
    My name is Mike Enayah; I am a car designer from Detroit. My love of cars started from birth as my parents tell stories about me not able to sleep except if they drive me around for a while, then came the Matchbox cars at age 2, then TV shows movies and car magazines, then showrooms the day of the unveiling, then borrowing my parents car without permission, then street racing and ending at design school.                                                  
     Growing up in Kuwait, spending summers in Lebanon and Europe provided me with an exposure to an eclectic car environment.  My love of cars does not have a genre and is still wide open, from muscle cars, to hot rods, to custom, to European sport cars, to rally cars, to Japanese cars, I remember a great fondness for 70’s Mazda’s, Celica, Hondas, Mitsubishis, The Brat, and even Crown, but mostly Nissan and Datsun, Skylines, Z (I owned at least 8), and the 180B SSS or the 510,610, 710 later to become Silvia.                                 
    I have been struggling to find the perfect car for me to drive as I make a 120mile round trip to work I am looking at the Mustang GT, and the Subaru BRZ (sold also as Scion and Toyota FR-S). I am not too excited about the Mustang’s Gas mileage for my trip, and not too fond of FR’s styling, and by the way the 370Z is way out of my price range. So I decided to start designing my dream commuter hoping that Nissan could get inspired again to bring the SSS back. This car is my rendition of the SSS which I named 010 it is a V6 rear wheel drive I would like it to have a base price around $24,500. 250 HP and 3100 Lb.