Nissan: NSAC 2012

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  • As a part of the 2012 chapter of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's NSAC team (National Student Advertising Competition), I and 22 others worked to create a campaign for Nissan, aimed at attracting a multicultural millennial audience. 

    This campaign would go on to win at both a district and national level. We called it "Hard to Explain, Easy to Experience."

    As one of the four art directors on this team, I assisted in many creative and design aspects of the campaign. My biggest role manifested in our print advertisements. These ads use interactive elements such as stickers and foldouts to create a dynamic ad that demonstrates the features of the vehicle advertised.
  • Print 1, for the Rogue's around-view monitor, which uses stickers to conceal an exciting scene
  • Print 2, illustrating the vast headroom in the Versa
  • Our plans book, featuring our entire campaign.