Nissan Cube 'Mobilize'

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  • Nissan Cube 'Mobilize'

    We created an innovative campaign for the Nissan Cube to reach a target whose lives revolve around their digital devices. To them its not technology. Its life.
    The challenge was to direct the target away from their computers and at the same time get them to expand their social network. So the question became how do we make the Cube mobile device a natural extension of their digital lives. The answer was an interactive first person shooter game that bridges the gap between traditional social media, gaming and face-to-face interaction. To do this we developed an event and a mobile gaming platform around the Cube that takes advantage of the best attributes of the targets physical and digital lives. To promote the event we created a micro site, deep linking viral videos, and interactive wild postings, all focused on getting people together around one idea - Mobilize.

    We pitched this campaign for the Nissan CUBE Student Brief competition, Art Directors Club Awards 2010.

    It won a Gold Cube.
  • Campaign Outline

  • Wild Postings
  • Propaganda Speech
    To promote the event, we began with wild postings featuring a text able code to receive a phone call recording of a
    propaganda speech.

  • Microsite
  • Smart-phone application
  • Deep-Linking Video
    We creating a deep-link viral video, giving users the chance to experience the thrill of the game/event first hand. This is the demo for it.
  • Credits
    Campaign: Nissan Cube Mobilize

    Art Director: Shravan Hegde, Michael Waldman
    Copywriter: Shravan Hegde, Michael Waldman
    Post Production: José Irizar
    Instructors: Mike Brenner & Greg Coffin
    School: Academy of Art University
    Awards: Gold Cube - Integrated / Innovative Campaign, Art Directors Club, 2010