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A uniquely crafted hardcover book design dedicated to Nintendo's greatest invention in the 90's.
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The Project Brief
The aim of this project was to enable us to have knowledge of using
proper typography and grid systems. 

I was required to come up with a printed booklet with several options given.
I chose to base my book on a man made object-—The Gameboy.
Target Audience
90’s kids, collectors
Tone of Manner
Geek, quirky
Appearance/ outlook
Fun, retro, funky, nostalgic
Being a 90’s kid, the Game Boy sums up my childhood.
I had created a replica of the Game Boy colour in the form of a
hardcover book as a dedication to Nintendo’s greatest invention. 
Using beads to represent 8 bit pixels, the memories of my childhood
(along with all the other 90’s kids out there) become vivid.

Progress sketches
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