• In Anatolia and Middle East, tea is a very common drink especially in the morning with breakfast. Mothers wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is to make tea. We have a glass we always use for tea, called "incebelli". It means "slimwaisted". It's a very famous, ethnic glass design, known with our country.
    Turkey's famous tea region is the north of it. Karadeniz, which means Black Sea, is a very green region with lots of trees, plants, flowers. Nilufer, which means water lily, is a very elegant, fun to look at flower. With this blend of tea love, water lilies and country's habits, this unique design came to scene. 
    The inspiration for this unique tea set came from the beautiful water lilies. Problems with the spoon ‘escaping’ under the glass every time we take the glass from the plate forced us to seek a solution. By putting these water lily petals on top of the leaf plate, the problem was solved and some new functions were created. Like, the petals are closed by the weight of glass and now there is a place for the spoon to rest. The spoon design is inspired by the stamen of the flower.
    The petals are the heart of this design. They show off the product and they are a great conversion starter. But on a normal day, if you don’t want to use the petals, the ring they are attached to can easily be removed.