Nikon Photo Contest

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  • The new logo is designed as a flexible identity system using brackets to symbolize framing a photo, drawing inspiration from the universal act of framing an image with one’s hands. The frame serves as a trigger, encouraging photographers to frame their own images.

    Because it bears a resemblance to Japanese quotation marks (known as Kagikakko, or hook bracket 「」 ), the identity also reflects the act of naming or quoting a subject, allowing the photographer to create the content within.

    The Nikon Photo Contest is an invitation to photographers to put their lens on the world and frame their story.

    Client: Nikon Corporation Japan
    Identity Concept, Design & Art Direction: SILNT (Felix Ng, Germaine Chong, Chloe Seet)
    Co-Creative Directors: Sumiko Sato, Koichiro Tanaka (Projector)
    Strategist: Chris Riley (Studioriley)
    Copywriters: Sumiko Sato, Jed Alger
    Japanese Adaptation: Daisuke Kokubo
    Website Production: Puzzle Inc. (Japan)
  • Framing an image with one’s hands
  • Japanese quotation marks ( known as Kagikakko, or hook bracket「」)
  • Logo for Nikon Photo Contest