Nike x Growling Tigers

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    The Challenge 
    University of Sto. Tomas is the home of the Growling Tigers. The challenge is to create a Nike sub-brand concept for the Growling Tigers. Come up with designs that will represent the character and attitude of the Growling Tigers.  
  • Devour Fear: Growling Tigers
    Tigers tend to rule wherever they roam in. They don’t run away from larger animals. The idea was inspired by the fearless personality of a tiger. It wards off its enemies with its piercing sharp eyes. Restless and headstrong in nature, a tiger is usually geared for action.
  • Nike "The Tiger Series"
    Special Edition Shoe and Apparel Design for the Growling Tigers.
  • Disclaimer: This is not an official Nike Project. Photos of athletes are not my own.
    Nike are in no way affiliated with the UST Growling Tigers.
    Any concerns or issues regarding the project please contact the artist immediately.