• Nike Les Jumelles
  • Developed for Nike's "Art of Speed" campaign, this project explores Einstein's concept of "time dilation" which predicts that as a person approaches the speed of light, time appears to accelerate. The live-action twin was shot on blue screen with both digital video and still cameras, then composited into multiple computer-generated environments. Shown at Art Directors Club, Hypefest 2004, Cineme 2004 and featured in RES Magazine.

    Modeled baroque room and most objects except for partial exterior mansion, trees and select furniture items. Also handled partial layout, posed lions statue and completed procedural flower growth animation tests via X-Frog. For the semi-sequel EYE[D], modeled, textured & animated a virtual version of the twin.
  • Credits

    Director: Joseph Kosinski
    Production Company: KDLAB
    Design/Edit: Joseph Kosinski
    3D: Joseph Kosinski, Oliver Zeller
    Motion Graphics Titles: Dean Di Simone
    Executive Producer: Chris Buckley
    Still Photography: Dan Pak
    Make-Up/Hair: Koji Higashino
    Twin: Melissa Hilmer
    Voice: Sabine El Chamaa
    Music: TRS-80