• Global Campaign for the release of the 2013 Nike Airmax
    The newest edition of the classic Airmax series, this shoe revolutionized Nike's airbag technology allowing added flexibility and support. The visual system accentuates the products new technologies through the use of light, repetitive line and color.
    Art Direction and Design: Michael Malowanczyk, Jeffery Docherty
    Creative Direction: Remco Vloon
    Photography: Dan Tobin Smith, Swanson Studio
  • Hero Image
    Photography - Dan Tobin Smith
  • Retail Experience
  • Dimensional Logo Sculpture
  • Retail Experience
  • Secondary Image
    Photography - Sean Reynolds of Swanson Studio
  • Airmax+ 2013 LE Reflective Pack Imagery
    Photography - Tyler Ashlock of Swanson Studio
  • Online presence