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This was a GOD Inspired Designs. "Hebrews 3:4 For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God."
Greatness is within you #AchieveGreatness. Inspire by Nike Find your Greatness campaign.

Project Name: Nike "Achieve Greatness"                                   
Film Location: Orlando, FL                                                          
Length: :30                                                                                    
Production Company: GOD Inspired Designs                          
Director: Ziarekenya Smith  
Assistant Director: Michael Tangonan              
Producer: Ziarekenya Smith                                                       
Storybroad Concept: Ziarekenya Smith                                   
Designer: Ziarekenya Smith
Editor: Ziarekenya Smith, Michael Tangonan 
Scriptwriter: Ziarekenya Smith (Inspiring quote by Eric Thomas)
Videographer: Ziarekenya Smith
VFX Artist: Ziarekenya Smith
3D Artist: Ziarekenya Smith
Roto: Ziarekenya Smith

Location Manger: Michael Tangonan 
Film Team Assistants: Michael Tangonan, Christopher Marrero

Model: Pedro Ofarrill

Sound Design Company: GOD Inspired Designs
Music Designer: Ziarekenya Smith 

Nike & Full Sail University Feedback