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The Night Owl project
Samsung hooked me up with an awesome tablet to give this machine a stress test on how it handles drawing. As it turns out this Samsung Note 10.1 tablet is pretty awesome and you can tell Wacom has invested a fair amount of money in this machine. 
I doodled myself an awesome owl.
I decided to vectorize this owl and give it that bold look that I'm known for. This owl is 100% vector even the stippling shadow.
Turns out the owl was a success and quickly hit over 1000 likes on Instagram. Lots of people were asking for prints, shirts, stickers and quite alot of people decided on the spot this would be their next tattoo.
Since I didn't want to dissapoint all those enthousiastic people I did a limited run of 10 A2 prints signed and numbered by myself on heavy matte paper. These prints sold like hot cakes and were sold out in no time. 
Since crowdfunding is such a fany thing nowadays I decided to jump on that wagon and give it a try myself. I've had some pretty darn succesfull apparel stories in the past, but this is a different story. 
This t-shirt will be printed once I receive 20 pre-orders. If I don't get 20 pre-orders every single order will be 100% refunded to the people that pledged their money.
People seem to love the idea of my owl on a shirt and after only a few hours I almost hit my 20 shirt quota