Night Calendar Poster 2014

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  • This is a pretty unique, unusual wall poster calendar.
    Instead of helping you count the days, it helps you count the nights of your year, by being a normal
    (yet mysterious) poster during the day, and by showing you the dates only during the night.
    It absorbs any kind of light and glows for some time in the dark. It works perfectly in black light, too.

    The first picture is a combination of how the poster looks during the day and during the night, and reveals the concept and the way it was printed, while the next three photos show how the poster looks by day and how it looks by night. The next photos are a detail of the special inks used.

    It's silkscreen printed, strictly limited to 70 copies in total, some versions with a special, custom made sparkling black ink, and some versions with metallic purple ink, while all versions have the amazing phosphorescent ink. Depending on the version, the printing surface was either Munken Polar 240 gr., or recycled paper 240 gr., or transparent sticker, or white sticker or transparent PVC or White PVC, 0.3mm. 

    All versions measure 50x70 cm.

    It was printed by Tind (

    It's available for sale here:
  • Here are some pictures from the printing procedure.
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