Nickelodeon Games Titles for THQ (Concept Work)

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  • Nickelodeon: ‘Five a Day’ Games Series for THQ
    please note that this is concept work.

  • Description:
    Brand identity concepts to be rolled out across all key media including: TV, Print, Web, instore and Packaging.

    As the publisher for the Nickelodeon kids titles, THQ Play approached Fluid to create a brand identity concept that would provide a fun and quirky marketing tool to link all communications into one integrated look. Nickelodeon is a brand that understands kids and is controlled by kids. It’s about Entertainment, Humour, Slime and giggles and these key messages should be incorporated in to the work.

    Games Series:
    The Nickelodeon kids ranges video games are designed to appeal to younger children aged 6- 11, who are fans of the channel.
    Key titles to be included:
    Drawn to Life Sponge Bob Edition
    Nicktoons: Globs of Doom
    Tak: Guardians of Gross
    Avatar: Into the Inferno
    Back at the Barnyard

    Nickelodeon is a brand that prides itself for seeing the worlds through the eyes of kids, therefore Fluid did just when conceiving the creative.
    Letting imagination take the controls, Fluid envisioned a vibrant fantasy world filled with penguins, balloons and star dusted bubbles. At the centre of the concept a 3D modeled magical games factory gobbles up a special recipe of five lotions and potions which it mixes up and chugs out to create the ‘5 a day’ games titles.
    Designed to appeal to younger children, colours are kept bright and bold and fonts are curved and bouncy creating an environment of fun and silliness.

    A range of concepts were produced with all the imagery being created from scratch.
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