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Photos of a newborn
New love it started
It's been a while since I posted something on Behance. Actually, it's been over a year. I think I needed that to discover and develope my new passion in photography. It doesn't mean that I stopped shooting macro and nature. I still adore spending hours staring at a bug and waitinfg for it to pose... After that year I realised that there is something missing in my photos. It was also a time when I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl, who you will have a chance to see in some of my photos. Anyway... I kind of told you what this  "new love" is. Taking photos of newborns, small babies and, beautiful as they are, pregnant women. It  makes me so happy that I've decided to do it for living. I don't know if this will end well for my home budget, but it definitely makes me happy, and that is the most important thing.
Today, I would like to present some photos of my little sunshine who was a great inspiration to me during last two months.