8 days in New York

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  •                               8 days in New York

    8 days is short to explore New York. Indeed, it's short. Especially when you have a little one on his shoulders and another firmly seated in the bottom of the belly of his wife, to be a little bit heavier, a little less free ... However, New York is a breathtaking city, even well planted on the asphalt at the foot of the towers. One of those rare ultimate cities, which grabs the pace, which makes one feel so alive. So eight days is no doubt very short, but at the same time, burning.
    We stayed in a small apartment in the lower east side. We have felt the time of a snap, the sensation of living in Manhattan. Walking all day before going home, doing two to three races on our way back then cooking pasta, the open window, with, far away, the  city towers; a both simple and unique everyday life. And this is what attracted us most: that mix of simplicity and incredible, thoughtfulness and kindness shown by New Yorkers for us, the moving labyrinth, a maze who aspires to spit you to another end of town, the ultimate fix...
    This series does not aim to be a portrait of New York, this is only a sketch drawn on a corner of a table in a hurry, between two strides, a few pictures to say how much I loved this city.


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                                            couverture souple avec jaquette pelliculée brillant
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