New York Times

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  • Paying the Toll
    For an editorial advocating a symbolic tax increase as a way of raising awareness about the national debt.
    AD: Minh Uong
  • Exploring the Mind
    For a story on recent trends in the field of cognitive research.
    AD: Aviva Michaelov

  • Quick Delivery
    For a story on the expectations for accelerated delivery times in the era of E-commerce.
    AD: Minh Uong
  • Office Health
    For a story on doing juice cleanses in the office.
    AD: Bernadette Dashiell
  • Down the River
    For a story about summer activities.
    AD: Anne Leigh

  • Bearizona
    For a story about a nature preserve in Arizona devoted to bears.
    AD: Anne Leigh

  • Malibu
    For a story about an oft filmed locale on the california coast.
    AD: Anne Leigh

  • Hamlet in Griffith Park
    For a story about a Shakespeare festival where the actors were drowned out by the howls of coyotes.
    AD: Anne Leigh