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  • New York CityVision is the fourth international ideas competition launched by CityVision. The competition wants you to imagine New York in its future if the manipulation of the urban context and its architectural objects, joined with its inhabitants, will be influenced by SPACE and TIME.

    Our History of the future of New York…
    …starts around the 1870s when New Yorkers began to protest because of the loss of light and air as taller residential buildings began to appear in Manhattan.
    Street parades, protests and terrorist attacks that lasted several months pressured administrations to undergo a profound re-planning of the city structure.
    A negotiation had to be achieved to put mankind at the center of life in a true New York Renaissance…from Money to Men.
    Phase 1: An orthogonal grid made by a series of artificial canals was dug. In the meantime, gradually, downtown and several stripes of land running N/S were freed by all buildings.
    Phase 2: The new grid is progressively implemented: a backbone of high rises are built around the center of the island running vertically (North to South).On each side two large canals separate this area dedicated to commerce, business and culture from the residential district.
    Phase 3: Cultivated land, forests and a productive waterfront are included in the plan. The city point of reference isn’t the “Block” but the much bigger “Ribbon”: a strip of land that covers the Manhattan Island from East to West, embracing the corresponding waterfront areas, and which is held within two horizontal canals. Each Ribbon is a self sufficient environment
    At the end no compromise at the expense of one or the other party had to be made, but the spirit has been that of satisfying all needs at the same time: efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life.
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