• Type treatment for the exhibition "Capital", at the first Madrid Diseño SI - week of international design.
    The artwork is inspired by "Where is my mind", one of my favourite songs ever.
  • I've been invited by the super label AreaInfo Records to design custom numbers, to be printed on sleeve jackets of the 10 records, from the "WHEN I WAS TEN.  LTD VINYL VERSION."Front and back versions of the numbers perfectly match.
  • the back.
  • Logo and graphic image for Good Life Micro Festival, electronic music open air festival.
  • graphics for the event communication.
  • Type treatment for parisian magazine a\\ magazine. I had to illustrate the letter "R" from the word PLEASURE.So here it's my interpretation of pleasure: the Rollipop.
  • Hand painted lettering for spanish magazine Iconographic, about handmade lettering.
  • Ongoing collection of flyers and posters for Mosquito, electronic music club.
  • Logotype and graphics for Qore, electronic music events.