• Some new typography-based artworks.
  • Typographic poster for the "Go Font Ur Self"ongoing showcase of typographic works in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sidney).

    "Ain't the way it's supposed to be".
    Poor frog.

  • Letterings and various designs for Zoo York clothing.

  • I've been invited to illustrate the italian team FC Internazionale, "La Benamata", for theNike Call to Arms project.
  • Type treatment for Computer Arts article about psychedelic aesthetics revival.
  • Logotype and graphics for electronic music parties.

    QORE is a play of words reminding the word "cuore" ("heart", in italian).
  • The fourth number in the funny-organic-acid series. 
  • Hand-drawn lettering for theValencia International Tipographic Festival bulletin's header.
    This is inspired on Birds and Souls.