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  • Personal Tee Designs 2012
  • I'd been playing around with the idea of doing a small series of shirts with designs based on song lyrics.  This is where I'll be posting the designs born from this idea.
  • "There's too many let's not and say we do dudes" is a line from an MF Doom track. Over the years Doom has become one of my favorite MC's and a continual source of inspiration.
  • The illustration of the wrench at the bottom is inscribed with the words "Tool Box" to symbolize the type of dudes that don't, but say they do. You know, "Tools".
  • Here’s another tee design I did based on some song lyrics.
    The inspiration for this piece came from the Atmosphere record “She’s Enough” and my 6 month old daughter, Winter. I put my own spin on it and made the statement about my/the wearer’s child vs. slug talking about his chick in the song. Seemed like a good fit, at least in my world. :)