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Illustration rendered out for New Scientist magazine for a December article called "Warrior Ant".
In November 2013 my collaboration with New Scientist was extended, when I was commissioned to do a new article piece for the December edition. Craig Mackie, art director at the magazine suggested the theme of the article revolved around the brave ants and their willingness to defend fellow ants regardless of their foe.
The image description was to make an ant look proud and brave, and heroic. It was suggested that the ant be featured in a suit of armour. This was discussed further and the full suit was transformed into chest plate and several other key elements to maintain the appearance of the protection.
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1) As per my normal approach I mocked-up a very basic stance and image, to confirm to New Scientist that this was in fact the sort of thing required.
2) This was then translated (after some ant research) into the draft one rendered sketch.
3) After some feedback from New Scientist the sketch was revised and redrawn, with only the two left arms remaining from the original sketch. His posture was made more upright, and the spare arms were changed slightly.
4) This was then transfered onto the Bristol paper and rendered in pencil, after the OK.
5) Once the pencil render was complete, it was scanned and placed in photoshot, against the usual background.
6) The painting process took place for 3 days, to get the contrasting colours of blue and red, as well as maintain a shiny self-chrome effect on the metal. 
The final spread appearing in the December 2013 edition of New Scientist