• Neverwhere
    Costume Design and Production for Neverwhere Character "Door" Concept, 2012
  • At the end of 2010 I was working for a theatre company that was in the works of adding Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere to their upcoming season. Receiving the script to breakdown and analyze the characters I could not have been more excited. This show was truly spectacular in all things design, and I could not wait to design this show. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances and relocation I was unable to commit in the capacity that was required and sadly had to turn down the position.

    These photographs are of my initial design concept of the character "Door". A lead character of the story who had the ability to open any door she wished, and held the marking of her family (a key tattoo) over her right eye.

    Watch this section as the rest of the Character Designs will be COMING SOON!!

    Costumes Design I Natasha MacKenzie of MacKenzie Costumes
    Costume Production I Natasha MacKenzie of MacKenzie Costumes
    Photography I Gregg Watters of Watters Photography
    Make Up Stylist I Ashley Habjan
    Hair Stylist I Dianna Munoz
    Model I Erin Wonsiak