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A collection of works from 'Never Ending Bummer', a solo show held at He Made She Made Gallery, Sydney Australia, Jan 2014.
So! My year kicked off with a little moody solo typo show, 'Never Ending Bummer', at Oxford Street's He Made She Made Gallery in Sydney, Australia. As one of five artists invited to take over the space for two weeks with my own interpreation of a 'summer daze', I created a five piece show and window installation that basically felt like a big hot storm mixed with your semi consious afternoon nap (those in Aus know the feeling!). 
‘Never Ending Bummer’ is a series of illustrative, hand generated type based artworks that visualises cycles of anticipation, observation and reflections of a spent summer.

These monochromatic works develop experimental compositions where letters and phrasing are deconstructed from a cyclical theme, allowing each phrase to become an exaggerated visualisation of anticipation and disappointments. While each work is unrelated to the next, the final collection is layered with details of rhythm, repetition, and sequence, further shaping the sense of dramatic change within seasons, relationships, time, and fortune. 
Crazy big thanks to Laura and He Made She Made gallery, everyone who helped me actually get this together in two weeks, my Mum of course,, to Jessica Leonard for the photos above and to everyone who came along to check it out. A few pieces are still available, and will be up at, or through