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Neumann College collateral
Neumann College was working toward university status during my tenure, but was not quite ready to undertake a full-blown identity redesign. In fact, there were no established identity standards, save for the circa 1980 logo set in Benguiat and the use of Pantone 286 as a signature color.

I was able to make incremental improvements to existing collateral, which was a mix of styles created by an outside agency (undergraduate admissions publications, the college catalog, admissions advertising) and a variety of other sources—in-house staff (namely, me), design and prepress staff employed by the college’s print vendors, and outside designers hired on a project-by-project basis.
40th Anniversary logo
Sub-brand logo studies for continuing adult and professional programs
Annual report (cover and spreads)
Alumni magazine covers
Arts calendar (covers and interior spread). Arts Guild logo created with Karp Graphic Design.
Studies for Neumann Arts Group logo
Postcard announcing the launch of the Neumann Alumni Online Community
Postcard invite for alumni event
Covers of CLE/CPE course announcements
Graduate program brochures
Neumann Business Review (cover)
Neumann Business Review (interior spread)
Postcards advertising yoga (top) and computer (bottom) classes for seniors
Faculty concert program covers
Charter/Sponsorship Day invitation (front)