• After the age of television, connecting with your audience has become harder. The Internet and social networks are a great platform but they are full of noise. To help brands engage with their customers, you need to build true relationships. Netluv (now part of BANG!) was born to create and consolidate this connections.
    "Even before we started as a business, we knew that our purpose was to help companies to befriend their customers." – Roberto Robles, CEO of netluv in 2010.
    We (as BANG!) created Netluv’s naming, developed its corporate identity and designed several applications.
    Netluv wanted to communicate three things:
    1) Connections between people, generated through social networks and the Internet.
    2) Infinity as something that lasts forever, a bond that does not break.
    3) Friendship as a relationship that can be developed between customer and brand.
    The Netluv name is a portmanteau that refers to "net" and "love" together. Love is an infinite loop between the customer and the brand through the internet.
    To celebrate its first anniversary, Netluv asked us to design a poster. They wanted to show the friendship they had cultivated among both customers and suppliers.
    In our research about friendship, we found that it can be represented with two faces looking towards the same horizon. Hence we came up with the following concept: two faces looking at the same place over the horizon is a force greater than just two: "To believe is to create". Overlapping each face, a third person is formed between them. This is the relationship that netluv wants to build: a strong bond that generates infinite possibilities.