Nem tudo que reluz é Ouro
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"Nem tudo que reluz é Ouro" is a publication which presents you 54 graphic interpretations of the saying "Not everything that glitters is Gold".

Nem tudo que reluz é Ouro is a publication that was born from the love of
illustration, self-publishing and collaborative work.

· We wanted to produce an object which would be able to promote the production
as an end itself;
· We wanted to create an object which could promote the interest in materiality,
taking advantage of an excepcional technical and artistic quality;
· We wanted to develop an object which could reveal "dedication" as one the
most important characteristics.


At a time when we are required a creative process increasingly austere, 
Nem tudo que reluz é Ouro intends to subvert the fanzine format,
disguising itself as a luxury object: the amount of guest authors, 
the printing technique and the graphic elements try to emphasize it.

We think that the proverb that was chosen — All that glitters is not gold,
gives creative space for the authors to explore their own expression.

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Editing Xesta Studio
Music "Lower Standards", by Francisco Rua

André Santos
Xesta Studio



13 x 19,5 x 1,5 cm

Number of pages 

Printing technique 
Laser print
​Two-coloured screenprinting (black and gold)

Cover Curious Skin Black 270g.
Pages Munken Linx 150g.

Print run
Single edition of 100 numbered copies, stitched by hand
with black thread and adorned with golden strip



It was also made a special edition of 250 numbered postcards,
gold-printed on Curious Skin Black 270g. paper


Greatest thanks to all the illustrators and designers who worked
and spent their time creating these great illustrations.
Thank you all, from the heart.
Many thanks to Catarina Lopes, Sr. Carvalho, Hugo Moura,
Marta Ramos and Vitor for the precious help.
Thank you, mates!


The launch party was on november 9th, in canhoto, a bar in Porto downtown.
You can check below the front and the interior of the bar.