• The calling card was patterned after a boarding pass. You can peel it off and keep the smaller part.
  • Nelwin Uy is one of the Philippines' top wedding photographers. He asked our studio, to redesign his brand identity. He wanted to make the new brand communicate the idea of "Destination Wedding Photographer". We looked for inspiration from different wayfinding systems and icons and customized them.
  • Some of the brand collaterals. We even designed their receipts and contracts.
  • How to use the icon system.
  • The different icons. You can mix and match them depending on the couple.
  • We had rubber stamps made
  • It can be used for the albums.
  • The icon and brand system is playful. On the left, Nelwin created an interactive booth where people can draw the icons on the wall. The following year, they asked other artists to paint their booth with the different icons.
  • Visit the website at http://nelwinuyphotography.com
  • Cocoon
    Cocoon is an expansion business of the much-established Nelwin Uy Photography Studio. Created in 2011, its main purpose was to accommodate Nelwin’s immense following while at the same time offering friendlier rates. The master has passed on his expertise to our creative team, who is young and highly trained to produce quality products that mirror his elegant style. We follow his well-known unobtrusive approach to photography, shooting the most candid shots that allow emotion speak for itself.
  • Plus63 did the logo of Cocoon Studio.
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