Nelson Mandela, A True Hero

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  • I woke up this morning to the news of Nelson Mandela's death. Coincidentally, I made this digital painting of him 2 days ago after seeing the movie "WINNIE MANDELA". The movie was about Mandela's wife Winnie but it reflected a major part of Mandela's life too. What really moved me to work on this piece was after I saw the part that he became President and had to separate from Winnie because of her public wrong doing but he was still in love with her regardless.
    Terrance Howard did a wonderful job of playing Mandela in the movie. I got to appreciate Mandela's personality, his struggles, beliefs and the fact that he was a romantic.
    He lived a fulfilling life and would always be remembered by what he stood for; freedom.
    Nelson Mandela isn't dead, he's forever in our hearts. He's forever a true hero.
    He's for ever Papa Africa.