Spirit of Negrita Rum Showroom, Gelida.

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  • The Spirit of Negrita Showroom is a space inside one of the industrial warehouse belonging to the liqueur producer Bardinet wich is used specifically for the Negrita rum aging process. Covering 210m2, this space can be used to promote the corporate image and create a place where the main protagonist is the product itself, the bottle of Negrita rum.

    The main function of this space is to display the product as attractively as possible, to inform visitors about its origins, the philosophy of the brand and how its created, to hold rum tastings, cocktail receptions or a formal meeting with clients.

    The Spirit of Negrita Showroom has a very open and transparent design. A wall of Negrita rum bottles creates a filter for natural light wich floods the whole of the space with its golden hues. Untreated oak, in both the incredibly long passage , the central bar and meeting table, brings a sense of the Caribbean and warmth to a space with profundly industrial aesthetics.