Nectar Moscato

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  • Nectar Aguardiente is a traditional Colombian liquor that is made of a plant called “Aniz”. The original product is a Colombian trademark that is quietly strong and is better known for its sizzling fire-like taste. I wanted to create a fresh new product from the same family, allowing for a more soft and sophisticated taste. This new Nectar Moscato, is a cross-cultural concept. The goal of this design was to not lose the foundation of the origins and the Colombian tradition, yet to also be fresh and modern to help attract a new audience. The desired demographic for this new product would be young adults, population ages between 18-30. This moscato is ideal for those Colombians, whom want a softer and more refreshing liquor, rather than the strong taste that it originally was intended to be.

    I created a new logo with the purpose of remaining true to its tradition, using the typical Colombian tribal symbol, and using the color green in reference to the emerald jewels that inhibit the native land. The objective of this design was to make it stand on its own, while also working next to the original aguardiente, using basic shapes and colors to make a vast contrast with the original product. The new logo represents Nectar in tradition,
    and exudes a sleek clean new taste.