Nebula Mirrors / Marta Ayala
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Product Design
Nebula is a project about reflected images and the intangible. The idea of mirrored images is explored as each person interprets these images and distortions.
Image only exists in the present moment, it persists for a single instant. To determine its being we have to engage with it through interaction with the reflection. Image can capture you, but it cannot be captured by you, with every passing moment it mutates and evolves into something it wasn’t.
The visual relationship between subject and object is viewed through an iridescence, as they continuously shift in their respective planes of existence.
The concept is materialised through geometric language. Each mirror introduces the use of glass as a neutral vehicle for image. A series of degraded silhouettes complete each piece. These silhouettes reflect light, reflect who is looking, reflect the environment around them but simultaneously fade into nothingness. The gradient creates a complex transformative image, only upon contemplation can the true definition be recognised. The result describes the duality between the intangible and the visible. 
Currently, the series consists of;  circular panes of 14, 22 and 60cm diameter, 22x44cm rectangular, and a pair of twin mirrors each 11x120cm. All are 6mm thick, made from transparent and fray glass. 
Individually made completely by hand in Spain.
This project is funded by INJUVE.
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