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a logo for a charity foundation "nebny" مؤسسة نبني الخيريه
Nebny Foundation
Nebny Foundation has been formed by a group of Young Egyptians who participated in the revolution. They believe the success of the revolution did not stop at taking down the old regime, but they believe the revolution will succeed when Egypt becomes the leading developing country in the World.

The Nebny Foundation recognizes that this post-revolution moment belongs to the nation’s young people. Through a youth-led, locally-driven approach, Nebny will promote, educate, enable, and empower youth to actively participate in shaping Egypt’s economy. Our approach will respond to the current economic needs of Egypt’s economy and youth by creating employment opportunities and will be complemented by sustainable mechanisms for long-term economic growth.

Our belief that every life has equal value is at the core of our work at the foundation. We follow 15 guiding principles, which help define our approach to our philanthropic work, and employ an outstanding leadership team to direct our strategies and grantmaking.