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At Tết every house is usually decorated by hoa mai �" Ochna integerrima (in the central and southern parts of Vietnam) or hoa �'ào �" peach flower (in the northern part of Vietnam) or hoa ban (in mountain areas). In the north, some people (especially the elite in the past) also decorate their house with aPrunus mume tree (also called mai in Vietnamese, but referring to a totally different species from Ochna integerrima). In the north or central, thekumquat tree is a popular decoration for the living room during Tết. Its many fruits symbolize the fertility and fruitfulness that the family hopes for in the coming year.Vietnamese people also decorate their homes with bonsai and flower plants such as chrysanthemum (hoa cúc), marigold (vạn thọ) symbolizing longevity, mào gà in Southern Vietnam and paperwhite flower (thủy tiên), lavender (viôlét), hoa bướm in Northern Vietnam. In the past, there was a tradition that old people tried to make their paperwhite flowers blossom right the watch-night time. They also hung up Dong Ho Paintings and thư pháp(calligraphy pictures).

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I just bought a Canon 450D for my photography class next semester so here are some photos which I took during this Tet holiday (aka Lunar new year holiday). This is my 1st photography experiment so maybe they are not good at all... Nature in spring is a very exciting time ;D. and many things are happening...let's see.....;P