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  • Izmir Natural Theme Park Mobile Application
    Before starting to my İzmir Natural Theme Park Mobile Application project, first I redesigned the logo of the park. I symbolized the very first elephant born in Turkey named "İzmir" and an elephant called "Bahadır" which was the main reason for this Natural Theme Park to be built in the first place. After dozens of documentaries and meetings with zoo's veterinarians, I learned that elephant's anatomic body scale is 4:3. I designed the logo accordingly. Then I did the stationary I made icons by using the same scales that I used for the logo. After completing my preparations I started to my application where I plan to use augmented reality in Natural Theme Park. After establishing the contents an design of my application, I started to create a mini website that introduces my application. In this website I used different techniques to tell more about augmented reality. So in general I created the visual image of İzmir Natural Theme Park, mobile application and the website that demonstrates the mobile application. You can access the website from
    Special thanks to,
    Yusuf Yılmaz for developing,
    Özgün Eren and Emre Canbaz for translating and editing.