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Natural History Illustration available for guide, Books, Children's Books and Magazines.
Natural History Illustration
Here you will find all my best natural history works, and I'll update the gallery from time to time.

All of what you see here has been painted over my first 23 years of illustration activity.
I have painted them with Winsor&Newton watercolours on high quality Daler and Arches papers, like all other illustrations you'll find in the other projects.

European Wolf
Maremma Dog
This image is part of a study I made on Liguria's rocky beachside (Liguria is located in the North of Italy and overlooks the Mediterranean sea) and includes endemisms and nesting birds.
Seagull - nesting bird on the Ligurian coast
Sardinian Warble - nesting bird on the Ligurian coast
Swift - nesting bird on the Ligurian coast